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Since 2019, Concave Ventures has achieved remarkable feats of quality products and services, upholding core values of diversity, inclusivity, and progression.

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Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional customer service.

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Our vision is to create an accessible and inclusive digital platform that can impact our customers, society, and nation positively.

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Concave Craft
Concave Naturals
Concave AGRI
Concave Research
Concave Analytics
Concave POS
Concave FORT
Truly Pakistan

Concave Craft

Concave Craft is your one-stop shop plethora of rich, historical, and diverse handicrafts that pay ode to the entrancing cultures, traditions, and art, regardless of where they are located in our country’s diverse geography.


Concave Naturals

Concave Naturals is an eco-conscious brand that believes unsustainability and health. Offering an astounding range of mouth-watering edibles, rejuvenating skincare, relaxing aromatherapy, and wholesome gift bundles, at Concave Naturals you’ll only find the best.


Concave AGRI

Concave AGRI brings together a remarkable and experienced team of business, technical and agricultural experts whose vision is to offer internationally competitive agriculture solutions to meet food security challenges worldwide and domestically. The brand is committed to empowering the agricultural sector of Pakistan which is the backbone of our flourishing nation.

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Concave Research

With the technologically advancing world experiencing digital transformation at an astounding rate, Concave Research  specializes in databases and research, which can enable you to make informed decisions to keep up with the trends of the world.


Concave Analytics

Concave Analytics adapts Artificial Intelligence solutions in areas of computer vision, natural language processing and data science that empower businesses to take informed decisions in real time and function efficiently.


Concave POS

Concave POS presents, a full-featured enterprise POS system that can handle sales monitoring and reporting, analytics, inventory tracking, customer data management, and seamless integrations. Our POS can be integrated with any of your systems and software, such as e-Commerce platforms, accounting apps, and warehouse systems.

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Concave FORT

Concave FORT is committed to providing a holistic set of cybersecurity services and solutions for every business. Concave FORT is equipped to tackle cyber threats and provide solutions and services that are purely based on industry-leading and advanced frameworks, expertise, and technologies.

truly pakistan

Truly Pakistan

With the vision of showcasing the remarkable legacy and rich historical and cultural heritage of Pakistan, Truly Pakistan gives its customers a taste of what an astounding nation we are through a series of striking and informative publications, memorable souvenirs and a diverse range of lifestyle, fashion, skincare, and edible products.

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Since 2019, Concave Ventures has achieved remarkable feats of quality products and
services, upholding core values of diversity, inclusivity, and progression.

Salman Raza

Vice President of Commercialisation

Ali Iqbal

President Concave Agri

Dr. Murtaza Khan

Chief Analytics Officer

Dr. Muhammad Azeem

Chief Agriculture Advisor

Adnan Qaisar

Head of Engineering

Sumaira Riaz

Head of Marketing & Customer Experience

Awais Malik

Head of Operations

Masood ur Rehman

Head of Research

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